Clinical Training

Physician Education

Course Curriculum Overview

The courses provided within this document are designed to provide physicians with in-depth training on key Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. (Bard) products.


The courses cover the following categories:


Experience Ratings

Within each category, the courses include an experience rating that is designed to ensure visiting physicians are provided with the ideal amount of training based on their current Bard product knowledge.

Experience ratings include:

Rating Description
New User A physician with no/limited experience (0-5 cases) with the Bard product(s) of focus, who desires to become familiar with the basic intended use, features, and benefits of the Bard product(s).
Intermediate User A physician with some experience (5-15 cases) with the Bard product(s) of focus, who desires to gain a further understanding of the BARD product(s) features and benefits for the specified intended use.
Advanced User A physician with a thorough understanding (>15 cases) of the intended use and features of the Bard product(s) of focus, who desires to obtain an in-depth understanding of the critical techniques required to handle complex cases with the Bard product(s).

Once the appropriate course category and experience rating have been identified, Bard personnel can use the detailed course objectives to select the ideal course to satisfy the visiting physician’s training needs. Careful attention should be placed on the specific requirements and physical location of each course to avoid scheduling issues.