Crosser® CTO Recanalization Catheters


  • Facilitates central lumen CTO recanalization via atherectomy
  • Utilizes high-frequency mechanical vibration
  • Frontline therapy
  • Maximizes therapeutic options

About Crosser® CTO Recanalization Catheters

Crosser® CTO Recanalization Catheters utilize high frequency, mechanical vibration to cross chronic total occlusions (CTOs) intraluminally allowing for subsequent balloon angioplasty and/or stent placement. Crosser® Catheters are available on both over-the-wire and rapid exchange delivery platforms. Crosser® CTO Catheters facilitate intraluminal placement of conventional guidewires beyond peripheral artery chronic total occlusions via atherectomy. Crosser® Catheters are commercially available in the United States and are CE marked.


Product Code Description Length (cm) Platform Units/Each
CRUS6106 Crosser® S6 106 no wire 1
CRUS6A Crosser® S6 154 no wire 1
CRUS106 Crosser® 14S 106 RX 1
CRUOS106 Crosser® 14S 106 OTW 1
CRU14SA Crosser® 14S 146 RX 1
CRUO14SA Crosser® 14S 146 OTW 1

Crosser® System Hardware

GEN200 Crosser® Generator 1
INJ100 FlowMate® Injector 1

Crosser® System – Recommended Adjunctive Devices

INJKIT FlowMate® Procedural Kit 5/case

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